The ministry we propose will, if God blesses it to be successful, place young men and women of faith, who are equipped for personal evangelism and disciple-making, in both workplaces and churches.

For the recent graduates, they need a lot of help as they face a serious transition from college to the working world. For a number of years, the move from home to college has captured the attention of many Christians, and rightly so. The dangers are real. However, the move from the campus to career proves to be just as perilous, if not more so, for the faith of young believers. Those who just came to faith as an undergraduate need fellowship to encourage and training to equip them to live for Christ and represent Him well in the working world.

For the college ministries, their focus rightly shifts to a new class of freshmen every August. Their time, efforts, and energies on campus prevent them from continuing to be available to their recent grads. Without a trusted partner ready to take on the challenge of serving recent grads, such ministries often send their seniors into the working world with some ministry principles, general instructions for finding a church, and a loose network of contacts. No one should fault them for this when their mission focus rests squarely on campus. However, the potential for a partnership that serves as a bridge between the campus and communities of faith, churches, seems obvious to us.

For the local churches who receive these graduates, pastors will enjoy the economy of energy that these equipped and encouraged new members bring to their congregations. They will have ministry training, skills, and experiences to share as they become members and participate in the fellowship and ministry of their local body.

Our Mission

Providing fellowship and training to encourage and equip recent graduates to represent Jesus where they live, work, and play.

Our Vision

The Bridge spans the gap between collegiate ministry involvement and mature church membership.

We envision a two-year development opportunity for recent college graduates that helps these young believers to make the transition from the campus to the working world. We will do this by creating a community of members who are dedicated to growing together as spiritual leaders while working and ministering as young professionals.

For now, this work exists in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. As we staff a team and train leaders, I can see the work reproduced in other metropolitan areas that receive a concentration of graduates, who are young believers, entering the working world.