Our Mission

Providing fellowship and training to encourage and equip recent graduates to represent Jesus where they live, work, and play.

Why This Need

Beyond the local need for campus ministries to better mobilize their graduates to the working world, there is also the broader need of Generation Z. Current high school and college students poll as one of the least Christian and most hurting generations our country has ever seen. Their sharp pluralism and post-modern ideals have them cynical and sceptical of the church and organized Christianity. However, they are spiritually open and kind of casually agnostic. In the next decade, these troubled youth will enter the workforce which will make the working world one of the most strategic mission fields for reaching Gen-Z.

Why The Bridge

We provide fellowship and training for the recent grads through three ministry vehicles of one-to-one meetings, small groups and large groups. We do the best we can to meet individually with young professionals to talk about the specific challenges each faces in their transition from campus. Also, we host small group Bible studies in our home to provide a more personal feel of community - and opening our home has been one of the highlights for many of these young believers who did not grow up in a Christian home. Finally, every other week we host a two-hour training meeting that focuses on three developmental areas: spiritual growth, personal ministry and life foundations.

Connecting the campus to the working world for Christ